Weddings at Fazeli Cellars

Fazeli Cellars is the latest winery to open on De Portola Wine Trail. Views of Palomar Mountain are varying, yet abundant throughout this village-type design. The success of BJ Fazeli's (owner) downtown tasting room led him to envision something on a much grander scale. Fazeli Cellars utilizes "green" materials throughout. These days one really doesn't have a choice with decisions like this, but BJ looked at this more as an opportunity than a requirement. The massive banquet room main entry doors are hand crafted from recycled black oak. The bar faces throughout are from recycled oak and the counters from recycled walnut. All baseboards in these buildings are made from recycled glue lam beams as well. The Fazeli family is proud of its cultural heritage; BJ Fazeli chose the Shiraz grape as the benchmark grape for his winery. From the start, Fazeli Cellars has made a commitment to excellence and the production of quality wines that often tell a story. Many of Fazeli Cellars’ most successful award winning wines pay homage to the rich cultural heritage of Ancient Persia. “Inspired by the ancient traditions of Persia, Rooted in the modern expressions of California,” is our motto and you will find these words on the label of our wines.

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