2019 DWT Big Red Fest

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Price: $29.99 - $59.99 Duration: 8 hrs Group Size: 1 - 20 Guests

DePorola Wine Trail's 10th anniversary for the Big Red Fest. This 9 winery wine tasting offers its guests 3 ounces per winery with an appetizer portion featuring the winery's best varietals.

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When you press purchase tickets it will take you to the date and time of 10:00am.  Press 10:00am.  It will then populate the winery start locations.  OUR PARTICIPATING WINERIES INCLUDE . FAZELI CELLARS, ROBERT RENZONI WINERY, GERSHON BACHUS VINTNERS, OAK MOUNTAIN "CAVE" WINERY, LEONESS CELLARS, DANZA DEL SOL WINERY, FRANGIPANI WINERY, COUGAR WINERY, MASIA DE LA VINYA WINERY.

OUR 855-398-9463 NUMBER IS DOWN TEMPORARILLY.  PLEASE EMAIL QUESTIONS by email to christina@gershonbachus.com

You have an option of purchasing a Full Price Ticket of $59.99 or a Designated Driver ticket for $29.99.  Only 1 Designated Driver ticket is allowed per reservation.  A designated driver ticket removes that guest from any wine priveledges.  Soft beverages including water will be present at each winery.  Any party arranging outside limo service will need to call for a starting winery PRIOR to making your reservation.  Only Full Price tickets can be purchased when utilizing outside transportaion. 

The DWT "Big Red Fest" will feature noshes from 9 local artisan chef, each offering their specialty. Every sample is expertly paired with three red wines from each winery. The five mile stretch of picturesque trail on the Southern part of Temecula's Wine Country passes through Valle de los Caballos - the Valley of the Horses. This road less traveled has nostalgic country charm. Do not be surprised if the winery owners themselves greet you at the door. Our family of wineries appreciate fine wine, great food and good company. This event celebrates our top quality red wines of the new vintage releases. See you at the FEST and discover for yourselves why we all love our home as much as we do. 

If you book a limo or bus on your own, you must get a check in start prior to booking your tickets.